Olympic Model Railroad Society



The layout was “upgraded” to full Digital Command Control (DCC) several years ago.  The club uses a Digitrax Super Chief system, which allows many separate decoder addresses and radio remote operations of the motive power on the layout. The layout is divided into several power booster sections for smoother operations.

The club recently began running operating sessions on the layout, with each and every piece of rolling stock getting moved to a different location during individual “ops” sessions.  There are minor “traffic” issues to iron out, but all members enjoy actual operations on the layout as more “realistic” than just running trains for a couple of hours. 

The club began participating in the local ‘Oly-Ops’ sessions where modelers from throughout the Pacific NW come to Olympia to run operating sessions on 6 to 10 local layouts.  Meeting fellow RR modelers this way is exciting and challenging.  It gives the Olympia area modelers a chance to give other modelers an operating opportunity on layouts using different gauges, sizes and the two operating sessions keep everyone busy for up to 8 hours on operations day.  What great fun for all railroading modelers!